110 Studios


Based in Pasadena, CA, Gareth Mackay is the founder of and principal photographer for 110 Studios, a creative endeavor focusing on the rich architecture, people and adventure found within Pasadena and the greater Los Angeles area.

Publications —

Ultrarunning Magazine
SMC Annual Photography Exhibition


Client List —

Summit Studios
Aevok Apparel
The Pierlis Group
Guava Delights


Additional Background

A drinker with a running and photography problem, Gareth graduated with a B.S. in International Business in 1996. Shortly thereafter, he narrowly avoided law school, only to run afoul of the karma police and get sentenced to life in Corporate America. After twenty years of good behavior, Gareth's sentence was reduced and he was paroled last May.

In an effort to help reduce the state’s corporate recidivism rate, Gareth decided to focus on his true love of the last 20 years: photography (ranked behind his daughter, but a hair ahead of running and bourbon).  Gareth's photography spans the multiverse, but architecture, street and adventure/sports photography are you'll find him most often.